Soccer players celebrating a goal

Man it’s GREAT to win! It’s what we work for, what we spend our time training for, what we dream of at night trying to get to sleep, and, basically, as an athlete, what we live for. Once achieved, the typical reaction is a HUGE celebration with fists raised in the air, a loud yell, and a smile from ear to ear.

Boring Practices


Yep, it happens to the best of us (and me). The other day, I was giving some kids I work with a practice, and about half-way through, one looks up to me and says, “Are we doing this again?”

Two Paths to Success?


So here’s the scenerio. You have an 8-year-old swimmer and, like most 8-year olds, he/she is pretty new to the sport (even 8-year olds who’ve been swimming for a while are NEW to the sport). You have a decision to make… which path to go down for their future?



Ultimate success is, as we’ve stated so many times, reaching one’s personal potential.  Ultimate  success in athletics is something that takes many years to achieve. Our goal at GoSwim is to teach skills, and to make swimmers aware of possibilities.  We hope to awaken swimmers to the idea that there are many ways to achieve the.. Continue…

Find it. Work it. Succeed!


What’s your chance, really? Ever since I was a young man, whenever I ran into someone new, and they found out I was a swimmer, the question eventually comes out: “So, did you swim in the Olympics?” What a stretch. How many people actually swim in the Olympics? Yet so many people hold that as the.. Continue…

How Do Swimmers Improve?


What are the skills you want each of your swimmers to have?  Do they demonstrate these skills every day, on every length, off every wall?  What would you give to look at a pool full of swimmers, each of whom is doing everything right, all the time? OK… sure… talk about something to wish for,.. Continue…

Set The Limits


How do you know when what you’re doing in practice is unproductive? When is working harder, just not doing what you want it to do in the long run? Here are a couple ideas that can help.