Master Practice Drill 200s, then some fun FAST 25s

This is the practice that I swam with my husband, Kermit, on 02/02/03

Entire practice was done with fins.

200 Head-Lead Drill IM
Butterfly = Head-Lead Slinky (Body Dolphin)
Backstroke = Head-Lead Side to Side
Breaststroke = Head-Lead Slinky on Your Back
Freestyle = Head-Lead Nose Up/Nose Down

200 Hand-Lead Drill IM
Fly = Hand-Lead Slinky
Back = 6-Count Backstroke
Breast = Hand-Lead Slinky on Your Back
Freestyle = Hand-Lead Nose Up/Nose Down

200 Short-Axis Combo
Odd 25s = One stroke fly followed by one stroke breast
Even 25s = Stoneskipper

200 Backstroke Drill
Odd 25s = Single-Arm Backstroke
Even 25s = 6-Count Backstroke

200 Breaststroke Drill
Odd 25s = Body-Dolphin Breast
Even 25s = Slinkys on Your Back

200 Freestyle Drill
Odd 25s = Screwdriver Drill (Start Hand-Lead Nose Up. Go to Hand-Lead Nose Down. Recovery hand enters water and extends BEYOND the leading hand. Pull with the recoverying hand and return to Hand-Lead Nose Up.)
Even 25s = Freestyle

200 Freestyle Drill
1st 25 breathe every 4 strokes
2nd 25 breathe every 3 strokes
3rd 25 breathe every 2 strokes
4th 25 breathe EVERY stroke
Repeat sequence for 2nd 100.

200 Short-Axis Combo Drill
On every lap, alternate one stroke fly with one stroke breast

200 Long-Axis Combo Drill
On every lap, alternate 3 strokes free with 4 strokes back

8 X 25 freestyle doing fast body dolphin for breakout, and then swimming freestyle with body dolphin (not flutter kick) Do 5 bobs as recovery between 25s.

8 X 25
Odd 25s = FAST!!!! freestyle with flutter kick. REALLY REALLY FAST
Even 25s = Easy recovery kick

8 X 25
The above set was so much fun that we did it again. We were going side by side in the lane, so we were racing each other on the fast laps.

100 EZ swim for warmdown.

Total Yardage = 2,500