This drill is a classic, which first appeared over two years ago on the site. We want to continue to thank Dave Denniston for allowing us the priveledge to film him, and capture his incredible turns. Watch and learn from this legendary master. Visit his website to keep up with his progress, and to wish him a Merry Christmas.

A few months ago, we featured Dave doing a middle-of-the-pool turn drill called The FAST Tuck. That drill described the broader focus points for a quick rotation during the turn.

When you want to improve, you must look for EVERY possible place where improvement can be made. Sometimes you need to look no further than your own two feet. As you’ll see from this clip, small changes can lead to HUGE improvements. We’re fortunate to have such a fantastic subject to show.

The focus of this particular part of the video is to sneak your feet behind your body while you’re performing The Tuck.

By pointing the toes and keeping the feet BEHIND your body during The Tuck, you can get your feet to the wall faster and with less resistance. The idea is to move the feet through water that the body is already moving. This allows the body to spin more quickly during the turn.


1. As you begin to tuck into the wall, point your toes and keep your knees close together.

2. If you’re really focused, you can place one foot on top of the other to reduce even the small amount of surface area the feet show to the water.

3. As late as possible, turn your feet and place them on the wall to prepare for a solid drive off the wall.

This video clip shows you how much detail the top athletes put into their swimming. It makes you realize how much more there is to great swimming than just going more laps.

This clip was borrowed from the DVD, Go Swim Breaststroke Turns & Pullouts

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