CCB Masters 02/06/03 25 + 50 + 75 + 100 freestyle and drill

This is the CCB Masters practice for 01/06/03

WARMUP: Approx. 500
10-minute swim, on your own, until all swimmers arrive.

The main set incorporates 3 drills, so we did a quick review of the 1st two drills and then taught
the 3rd drill, which was new to everyone. This was Screwdriver. You start in Hand-Lead on your back, then roll nose down. Keep your lead arm fully extended as you recover the other arm, slide it into the water and extend the hand BEYOND the hand that is already out there in front of you. Rotate your body as you make this super-extension. Then hold on to the water with your recoverying hand (the one that’s WAAAY out there in front of you) and pull yourself past that hand as you rotate onto your back. The hand that was originally extended in front of your body does nothing. It should still be extended when you finish the cycle. We did 4 X 25 of the drill until everyone was doing it correctly.

MAIN SET: 1500
6 Rounds of the following:
25 swim (freestyle)
50, swum as 25 drill/25 swim
75, swum as 25 drill/25 swim/25 swim
100 swim

1st and 2nd Rounds: Drill is 5-Finger Switch
3rd and 4th Rounds: Drill is Single-Switch
5th and 6th Rounds: Drill is Screwdriver

Fastest lane went on sendoff that was :30 per 25.
2nd fastest lane went on sendoff that was :45 per 25.
3rd fastest lane went on a variable sendoff, and they were able to complete 4 of the rounds.

Do 2 more rounds of 25 + 50 + 75 + 100 as an IM set
25 = butterfly
50 = 25 back + 25 breast
75 = 25 back + 25 breast + 25 free
100 = IM
Sendoff was :35 for fly, than :30/25 base for other segments.

Warmdown: 100
100 EZ swim

Total Yardage: Approximately 2,600 for fastest lane