02/06/03 – STROKE work

Well, with just a couple days before my first meet in many, many years, I KNOW I’m not ready to swim fast, but I’m going to have a good time anyway (time meaning FUN with friends, NOT fast swimming). I figured I should test out breaststroke a little, so I had to go to the deep end and swim with a couple friends, as not everyone wanted to do what I needed to do.

800 warm-up – 200 swim/ 200 pull/ 200 kick/ 200 swim

5 sets of the following:
200 free, keep it smooth, and use this as either warm-up, or warm-down from the previous set. 3:00
150 IM, skipping the free, on 2:30
100 kick, stroke specific on 2:00
2 x 50 on 1:00 building to faster pace
4 x 25 on :30 – odds easy, evens ALL OUT.
This gave me some time to work on my breaststroke, without having to kill myself and try to get enough yardage in for my fitness thingy.

I basically swam through most of the set, and really focused on the 50’s and 25’s. Really trying to stay on top of the water on the sprint breaststroke, not allowing my body to sink down which would cause me to slow down my turnover. It took me almost the ENTIRE set to really start feeling some speed. Hope it doesn’t take me that long on Saturday.

I then spent some time working on breaststroke with a couple swimmers, and had a great time teaching. Swam a total of about 4,300 yards by the time I was done. Again, not quite the 5K target, but hey, I need to taper for the big meet on Saturday.

Yardage Total for the Month: 22,550