06/01/04 CCB Masters 200s Descend

I wasn’t sure how this practice would play out with the team, because I haven’t tried it myself, but after the first couple of 200s, everyone got into the challenge of descending the 200s, and it became fun. I didn’t assign any sendoffs. Each lane decided on their sendoffs. I was more concerned that they do the 200s with descending times than that they meet a certain sendoff.

400 on your own.

MAIN SET: 2000
You’ll be doing five 200s freestyle, with some shorter swims in between. Your main focus is the 200s. Try to swim each one faster than the last one, even if only by a second.

1 X 200 Freestyle
2 X 100 Freestyle (descend these if you can)
1 X 200 Freestyle
4 X 50 Choice
1 X 200 Freestyle
8 X 25 with fins. Odds are Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on Stomach. Evens are Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back.
1 X 200 Freestyle (no fins)
1 X 100 IM with fins
2 X 50 with fins BK/BR BR/FR
1 X 200 Freestyle (no fins)
2 X 50 Choice with fins
4 X 25 Freestyle with fins — FAST — on roughly :45 sendoff. We did this as a scrimmage, with two swimmers pushing off at the same time in each lane and racing each other.

200 your choice warmdown

Total Yardage: 2600