06/10/04 CCB Masters 200s and 400s at Pace

Many of the CCB Masters are doing triathlons with a pool swim this weekend, or are training for open-water races, so I wanted to design a practice that would help them get a feel for a steady, sustainable pace.

400 your choice on your own.

MAIN SET: 2000
Swim two rounds of the following:
2 X 200 Free @ :45 Rest Interval
100 Recovery, your choice
1 X 400 Free, aiming for a time that is the sum of your two previous 200 times.
100 Recovery, your choice

Your goal on the set is to pace yourself on the 200s. They shouldn’t be all out. You want to hit a pace that feels easy and comfortable, and that you think you can sustain when you get to the 400. Try not to let your pace or times drop off on the second round.

200 EZ your choice

Total Yardage: 2600