The Alaina & Katrice Camp Article

We (Alaina and Katrice) are 16-year-old girls who have been swimming for more than ten years and who have attended many different swim camps. Last year — and again this year — we attended Glenn’s Go Swim summer camp. We have also worked with Glenn at various times throughout the year. All of the swim camps we have attended taught the same boring drills over and over again. Glenn’s camps are different, however, and they are still evolving. This year’s Go Swim camp was different from last year’s camp. This year, the campers were introduced to quite a few new coaches. This is something that past campers had to get used to (previously, Glenn had led all the sessions), but it was also a great advantage. Each coach had a different way of explaining the technique; however, they all got the same point across. A swimmer may not understand the way one coach explains something, so another point of view is sometimes helpful. The new Go Swim camp system introduced us to drills that we have never seen before. At this camp we also learned how to actually APPLY the drills to our stroke, and put everything together. This year it was obvious that the campers were a lot more interested and motivated.

Another change that took place this year was in the dryland program. We learned a lot of new exercises to improve our strength and flexibility. We were also taught how to mentally prepare ourselves for an upcoming race. These were all positive additions to the Go Swim program. We are sure the camps will keep improving and that Go Swim will introduce new ways to help swimmrs of all ages!