Sammy’s Camp Evaluation

I have been going to swim camps with my Dad [Glenn] for six years now (ever since I was six years old), but this year’s summer camp at Bucknell University was the best — and most advanced — I’ve ever seen. One of the reasons is probably because I am behind my Dad 100 percent in his start of Go Swim, and him being an auntreprenor (a fancy name for a guy who starts his own business). That isn’t the only reason, though. I also love how he encourages all the campers, no matter what their age, to ask questions. Being a kid, going through peer pressure at school (luckily it’s now summer), I know what it feels like to have questions that sometimes cannot be answered. So it is a good feeling when you can ask a question and not be embarrassed to have it answered.

Also, you learn such a great deal at the camps. Sometimes it is kind of hard to take all of it in, but it is also very fun to know you are learning. Some of the time you get tired and think you need a break. If that happens, just ask a coach. All of the coaches are happy to let you take time to relax because you are in the pool, at these camps, about six or seven hours a day. However, the coaches know if you are taking advantage of them (they aren’t dumb, you know). Anyway, I just wanted to get through everyone’s mind that these camps are great fun and are a joy to go to. Besides learning a great deal, you also meet good friends that you might have a lot in common with. So, in conclusion, in only a few words, Go Swim camps RULE!!!