Master Class

I just spent five days in Cornwall, NY, as the only adult participant in the Go Swim swim camp. I was surrounded by children of all ages, sizes, and abilities. I swam with a group of the younger and/or less experienced swimmers. All appeared to be having a great time (always a good sign), as well as absorbing a lot from the teaching methods. Emphasis was on getting the kids to really think about what they were instructed to do while they were swimming. I’m sure this is a big factor in their success.

The coaches at the camp were all fabulous. They all obviously love what they’re doing, had great rapport with the kids, and worked really well together as a team.

The instruction throughout the week was organized and structured, but not rigid. We worked on all four strokes, starts, turns, STREAMLINING ALWAYS, as well as dryland training and mental imagery. It was obvious that there was always a plan, but the coaches could deviate a bit if kids were having trouble with a skill or concept. The coaches wouldn’t just advance to something else if kids weren’t “getting it.” They also frequently asked the kids questions, and asked for feedback…to keep them thinking. It really was inspiring to see such knowledgeable and enthusiastic swim coaches interacting so comfortably with the kids.

As if all this wasn’t enough, the best part was that all the instruction taught can be applied when these kids go back to their swim programs. They now know what to concentrate on during commonly used stroke drills and whole-stroke swimming. I’m excited about working on some of this stuff myself when I get home. I would definitely recommend this camp to any swimmer who wants to swim better and faster. The campers all learned a great deal, and also had some fun in the process. What else could you ask for?