07/15/04 CCB Masters Drills and Descends

Many of the team members did triathlons and bike races last weekend, so I wanted to pull back a bit this week and do some drills and shorter repeats (100s).

400 your choice on your own.

Two rounds of:
50 Kick
50 Scull
50 Swim

Round #1:
Kick is flutter on your back with pull buoy between legs, and holding hands at sides. Focus on pointing your toes and rotating everything from side to side.
Scull is done on your back with a pull buoy and hands at sides. Hold the elbows near the body and stablize the upper arms. The sculling movement is down with the hands and forearms — down and up.
Swim is backstroke, incorporating focus points from the kick and scull.

Round #2:
Kick is same as above.
Scull is on stomach with pull buoy and hands at sides. Stablize everything but the wrists and hands. Scull is side to side with the hands.
Swim is freestyle.

MAIN SET: 1600
Swim four rounds of the following:
4 X 25 Drill
3 X 100 Choice @ approx. :20 RI. Do the same thing on all three of the 100s and descend your time 1-3.

Round #1:
Drill is Single-Arm Fly, focus on two kicks per stroke and palm-up recovery
Round #2:
Drill is 2L/2R Backstroke, focus on showing BOTH shoulders on each stroke.
Round #3:
Drill is Breast with an Extra Kick, focus on getting hips up and over on 2nd kick.
Round #4:
Drill is Freestyle, trying to keep one goggle in the water on the breath.

200 EZ on your own.

Total Yardage: 2500