04/20/04 CCB Masters Triathlon Prep

Do you remember what you were doing 35 years ago today, when Apollo 11 landed on the moon? I was at a swim meet in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. They had a small TV in the guard office that we watched.

400 your choice on your own

MAIN SET: 2000
Swim twice through the following 1000-yard set:

Straight 400 with fins, as follows:
50 Single-Arm Fly, focus on 2 kicks per stroke and palm-up recovery
50 Single-Arm Back, focus on showing shoulders
50 Single-Arm Breast, focus on insweep
50 SIngle-Arm Fly
50 Single-Arm Back
50 Single-Arm Breast
100 Free

4 X 75 Free
If you start a 75 in the shallow end, do 2 to 3 porpoise dives until you reach deep water, then start swimming. On the second 25 of each 75, sight on every stroke. If you finish/start in the deep end, start treading water as soon as you finish. Tread for 20 seconds, then start your next 75 without pushing off the wall.

300 Freestyle pull with pull buoy. Alternate 4 strokes Fingertip Drag/4 strokes Free with a Low Hand Recovery/4 strokes with an Overam Recovery.

200 EZ

Total Yardage: 2600