04/20/04 Breaststroke Drill Practice

I’ve been working on our upcoming breaststroke drills video, and have been trying out some of the drills in practice.

With fins. Swim continuously:
25 Head-Lead Body Dolphin
25 Head-Lead Flutter
25 Head-Lead Body Dolphin on Back
25 Hand-Lead Body Dolphin
25 Double-Arm Back
25 Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on Back
25 2L/2R Fly
25 2L/2R Back
25 2L/2R Breast
25 2L/2R Fly
25 2L/2R Back
25 2l/2R Breast
100 Free

4 X 500, swum as 25 Drill/25 Backstroke/25 Drill/25 Backstroke Switch drills after every 100.

1st 500 focus is on STREAMLINE and hiding the feet and legs. Drills are:
Underwater Breast Kick
Underwater Body Dolphin with Breast Pull
Underwater Breaststroke
Hand-Lead Breast Kick on Your Back
Breast Kick on Back with Pull Buoy between Legs

2nd 500 focus is on fast turnover. Drills are:
Fast-Hands Breast with Dolphin Kick
Loong Breast — take as few strokes as possible
Breast Pull with Flutter Kick
Breast Kick on Back, Hands Overhead in Streamline
Breast Kick on Back, Holding Arms Out of Water

3rd 500 focus is on getting the hips up and over. Drills are:
Breast Scull with Dolphin Kick
Breaststroke with an Extra Kick
Body-Dolphin Breast
100 Breast Kick with a Board

4th 500 focus in on maintaining body rhythm with combo drills. Drills are:
Karla (1L/1R Fly, followed by 2 strokes breast with no breath)
Alternate 1L/1R Fly with 1L/1R Breast
Alternate 1 stroke Fly with 1 stroke Breast
Alternate 1L/1R/1 Whole-Stroke Fly with 1L/1R/1 Whole-Stroke Breast

100 with fins.

Total Yardage: 2500