Amanda H’s Camp Report

When I arrived at camp in Cornwall, I was swimming like an eight-year old. The coaches worked with me through the week so well that, when I left, I was swimming like a 9-year old (I turned 9 on the last day of camp) .

Amanda Fly I learned so much like: flicking bubble gum off of my foot during my flutterkick…thinking “butt, head” during my dolphin kick…the karate-chop sweep during my butterfly…and my knee position during breaststroke. I really understood what the coaches meant, and they helped me perfect these things in my swimming.

Silly string with Glenn I was learning, but it felt like a week-long birthday party! I didn’t know that learning could be so much fun. I enjoyed it so much, I wish I could do it every day. I liked the way the coaches worked with me. They were awesome!!!

(Oh yeah, getting up at 6 a.m. was a little too early for me.) Thanks for such a great week!