08/10/04 CCB Masters Drill/Swim all Strokes

When you do drills, it’s always a good idea to combine them with swimming, so that you can actually transfer the things you’re working on in the drills…over to your swimming. This practice allows you to do that. As a coach, I like this practice because it allows me to give the swimmers regular feedback on their drilling.

400 your choice on your own.

MAIN SET: 1500
Swim 6 rounds of the following:
25 Drill
50 Drill/Swim
75 Drill/Swim/Swim
100 Swim/Swim/Drill/Swim

Round #1: Wear fins. Swim is Fly. Drill is 2L/2R Fly. Focus is two kicks per armstroke.
Round #2: Wear pull buoy. Swim is Free. Drill is flutter kick on your back, hands at sides. Focus on rotating as you kick.
Round #3: Wear fins. Swim is Back. Drill is 2L/2R Back. Focus is not overreaching.
Round #4: Wear fins and paddles. Swim is Free. Drill is Single-Switch Free. Focus is anchoring hand and pulling your body past your hand.
Round #5: Wear fins and paddles. Swim is Body-Dolphin Breast with no extra pulse. Drill is Body-Dolphin Breast.
Round #6: No equipment. Swim is Freestyle. Drill is 4 strokes Fingertip Drag/4 strokes High-Elbow Recovery/4 strokes Overarm Recovery.

Swim 4 X 25 on :30 sendoff. You can swim any stroke your want and you can wear any combination of equipment you want. Or no equipment. Focus is on achieving easy, relaxed SPEED. You want to go fast on these, but not HARD.


Total Yardage: 2100