03/13/03 CCB Masters Focus Focus Focus

03/13/03 CCB Masters practice.

Swim for 5 to 10 minutes on your own.

6 X (4 X 25 freestyle with 4 to 5 “bobs” after each 25 for recovery)
1st round of 4 X 25: Focus is hide your head/look down.
2nd round: Focus is swim downhill by leaning in on your chest.
3rd round: Focus is lengthen your body with your lead hand.
4th round: Focus is “anchor” each hand before starting the pull, and think about pulling your body past your hand.
5th round: Pierce the water with your hand.
6th round: silent swim

MAIN SET: 1800/1400
4 X [(4 X 100/75) + (2 X 25)]
The faster two lanes did 100s; the slower lane did 75s. After each round of 4 X 100/75, everyone did 2 X 25 freestyle, choosing one of the focus points we used during the warmup set. We did 5 recovery “bobs” between the 25s. The fastest lane did the 100s on a 2:00 sendoff; the middle lane did them on a 2:15 sendoff. The slower lane did the 75s on a 2:00 sendoff.
1st round of 4 X 100/75: freestyle
2nd round of 4 X 100/75: 25 free/25 choice/25 free/25 choice
3rd round of 4 X 100/75: 25 choice/25 free/25 choice/25 free
4th round of 4 X 100/75: choice (IM is OK)

100 EZ warmdown

Total Yardage: 2350/1950 not including warmup