09/02/04 CCB Masters Speed Bumps

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 1650
I’ve found that this progression is one of the best ways to get the entire team working on drills. For the swimmers who know the drills, it allows them to integrate the focus of the drill into some actual swimming. And the progression is aerobically taxing if you swim through it with 10 to 20 seconds rest after each interval. For the new swimmers, it allows me explain the drill, watch them try it for a 25, give correction, then watch them do it three more times.

Swim three rounds of the following:
25 Drill
50 Drill/Swim
75 Drill/Swim/Swim
100 Swim/Swim/Drill/Swim
200 Freestyle pull with pull buoy, focusing on streamlining off each wall and not breathing until the 2nd or 3rd stroke.
100 SPEED BUMP (This changes each round, see below.)

Round #1:
Swim = Freestyle
Drill is Single Switch Free
Speed Bump is to swim a FAST 100 free for time. We did this in heats, racing each other.

Round #2:
Swim = Breaststroke
Drill is Breast with an Extra Kick
Speed Bump is to swim two FAST 50s, your choice of stroke. We did these in heats.

Round #3:
Wear fins.
Swim = Backstroke
Drill is 6-Count Backstroke, focus on length and moving bottom hand first before the “switch,”
Speed Bump is RELAYS, with each swimmer doing a 25. We divided into teams of 4 and did 2 relays — one free and one breast.


Total Yardage: 2150