09/07/04 CCB Masters Maintroke Stroke Count as You Go Longer

In the main set, you will be swimming progressively longer distances of freestyle. Your goal is to maintain your stroke count even as you swim greater distance. To hold your count as you fatigue, you need to hold on to good TECHNIQUE. To do this, choose a focus point. A good one is to simply HIDE YOUR HEAD. Another would be to STREAMLINE and get good distance off each wall. Another would be to HOLD ONTO the water as you pull. Choose whatever works best for you. Choose just one point and really focus on it.

10 minutes or 400 your choice

8 X 25
Alternate 2 X 25 your choice of kick on a board and 2 X 25 swim in the same stroke as the kicks. Take about :15 RI after each 25.

MAIN SET: 1600/1250
Fast lanes do the reps to the left of the slash. Slower lane does the reps to the right of the slash.

8/6 X 50 Free on :15 to :20 Rest Interval (RI)
Count strokes on first 50 and try to maintain this count for entire set. Choose a focus point! Each “hand hit” counts as one stroke.

50 EZ any stroke but Free

6/4 X 75 Free on :20 to :25 RI
Try to maintain your stroke count from the previous set. Hold count even as you swim farther.

50 EZ any stroke but Free

4/3 X 100 Free on :25 to :30 RI
Again, try to maintain stroke count even as you swim father.

50 EZ any stroke but Free

2/1 X 200 Free on :30 RI
Maintain stroke count. FOCUS.

WARMDOWN: 100 or more, depending on when you finish
Your choice for warmdown.