09/23/04 CCB Masters Gloves Nekked Paddles

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 1500
Don’t worry about going fast on this set (except for the final 50 in each round). The point is to focus on certain things in your stroke.

Swim 3 rounds of the following:

200, alternating 25 Hand-Lead Breast on Your Back (focus on streamlining the arms) and 25 Freestyle. On the Free, count your strokes on the first 25 to get “N.” Swim the next Free length at N-1, the next at N-2, the next at N-3. Focus on extending and pressing through your ARMPITS to reduce your stroke count.

150 with pull buoy, alternating 25 Head-Lead Flutter Kick on Your Back (focus on rotating everything side to side) and 25 Free pull at NB+1. NBP+1 means your Normal Breathing Pattern +1, e.g., if you normally breathe every 3 strokes, breathe every 4 strokes, etc.

100, alternating 25 6-Count Backstroke and 25 Free, focusing on rolling your HIPS as you swim. Exaggerate the hip movement.

50 FAST, CONTROLLED Freestyle. Choose one of the focus points that worked for you as you swim.

Round #1: Wear fistgloves
Round #2: Nekked
Round #3: Wear paddles

SPEED SET: 300/100
It took our slower lane the entire hour to complete the main set, so they did not do this speed set. Our middle lane did one round of the following. Our fast lane did two rounds of the following.

With fins.
100 Fast Freestyle, but controlled. Get your time, then go immediately into an EZ recovery 50 of flutter kick on your back. When you finish the EZ 50, wait no more than 5 seconds and push off for another 100 Fast Freestyle, followed by another EZ 50.

100 EZ

Total Yardage: 2300/2100/1900