03/25/03 CCB Masters T-15 and 75s

03/25/03 CCB Masters practice.

Many of the CCB Masters are triathletes, with a race season that begins in late May. At the end of every month, we offer each team member the chance to do a timed swim during practice. Most have chosen to do a fifteen-minute swim (T-15). We record the distance that everyone swims in 15 minutes. This gives everyone a record of their progress. The timed swims help them establish a pace that they can sustain for half a mile or more. This helps them plan their races, and gives them confidence that they can go the distance on race day and still have something left for the bike and run. We encourage all the team members, not just the triathletes, to do the monthly timed swim. They help build confidence and are a measure of progress.

Swimmers should not circle-swim when they do a timed swim, but it’s OK for two swimmers to split a lane. We have only three lanes of a six-lane pool, so we had two swimmers at a time do their T-15s, while the rest of the swimmers did a regular practice in the other two lanes. When the first two T-15 swimmers finished, another two swimmers took their place, etc.

Swim for 5 to 10 minutes on your own.

TIMED SWIM: 600-1100 yards, depending on the swimmer

MAIN SET: 1200+
16 X (25 drill + 50 freestyle)
1st & 2nd 75: Drill is Head-Lead Side to Side
3rd & 4th 75: Drill is Head-Lead Nose Up/Nose Down
5 & 6: Drill is 6-count Backstroke
7 & 8: Drill is Hand-Lead Nose Up/Nose Down
9 & 10: Drill is Single-Switch Freestyle
11 & 12: Drill is Triple-Switch Freestyle
13 & 14: Drill is Screwdriver
15 & 16: Drill is Breaststroke

Repeat 75s if you have time.

50 EZ swim

Total Yardage: Approx. 2000, not including warmup