09/30/04 CCB Masters Pushoff and Flip Turn Ops

We have a lot of new swimmers on our team, many of whom have never done flip turns and are a little intimidated by trying them, especially in the middle of a long set or when they’re dealing with circle swimming. This practice slows things down a bit and allows everyone to practice their pushoffs and flips while doing shorter distances. For the more experienced swimmers, this practice provides an opportunity to work on the fine points of pushoffs and flips — like getting into a tighter ball on the flips.

400 your choice, on your own

8 X 25 Freestyle, focusing on tight streamline on the pushoff, and a FAST kick into the breakout (FAST doesn’t mean BIG!). I try to give feedback to everyone, on hand position on the streamline, getting the right depth on the pushoff, kicking and sending yourself FORWARD (not up) into the breakout.

8 X 25
Odds: Swim 5 to 6 strokes Backstroke, rotate onto stomach and execute a tight, forward sommersault, then swim Freestyle to finish the length. Focus on going straight over on the sommersault, and getting in as tight a ball as possible.
Evens: Alternate 4 strokes Back and 3 strokes Free

Swim three to four rounds of the following, depending on how much time you have. Rounds 1 & 3 are nekked; rounds 2 & 4 are with fins. Sendoffs are at your discretion.

100 IM (swim 2L/2R Fly if you don’t want to swim Fly)
1 X 50, swum as 25 Free and 25 Back. You MUST TRY a flip turn at the wall. Go straight over and push off onto your back.
1 X 100 Free, with AT LEAST one flip turn
2 X 25 FAST kick on a board, your choice of kick
2 X 25 swim, your choice but not Freestyle

200 EZ

Total Yardage: 2400