10/07/04 CCB Masters 6-5-4-3-2-1

400 or 10 minutes your choice on your own

6 X 25
Odds: Backstroke, starting with a STREAMLINED pushoff ON YOUR BACK
Evens: Freestyle, starting with a streamlined pushoff on your stomach or side. Fast kick into breakout.

MAIN SET: 1350
5 X 50 @ approx. :15 RI, swum as 25 Free/25 Back. Do a flip turn on each 50, pushing off in streamline on your back.

4 X 75 with fins @ approx. :20 RI FL/BK/BR BK/BR/FR FL/BK/BR BK/BR/FR

3 X 100 Free @ approx. :25 RI. Count strokes on each length of 1st 100 and try to maintain that same pattern for all 3 X 100.

2 X 150 @ approx. :30 RI. Alternate 25 choice (not Free) and 25 Free.

1 X 200 Free. Do this for time. It should be a strong, controlled effort but NOT all out.

Do this set as a group at the end of practice. If you get done with the main set ahead of other swimmers, do some Freestyle pulling with a pull buoy until everyone finishes the main set.
6 X 25
Odds: FAST freestyle
Evens: EZ recovery back to the shallow end

At least 100 EZ

Total Yardage: Approx. 2200