10/14/04 CCB Masters Breast-Free Turn Practice and Some 300s

400 your choice on your own

4 X 25 on no particular sendoff, since I was giving feedback after each 25. Start each 25 from a layout position, with two hands on the wall, eyes looking down at the bottom, and the back of the head right at the water line. When you’re ready to go, pull the knees up tight and fall back, bringing one elbow to your side and sending the other hand over the head and just past the ear — into streamline.
Odds: Breast
Evens: Free (from a 2-hand layout position)

4 X 50, swum as 25 BR/25FR. When you touch the wall at the turn you should be in the “layout” position with arms fully extended, eyes down, and head down.

300 with fins, alternating 25 Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on Your Back and 25 4-4-4 Freestyle (4 strokes Fingertip Drag – 4 strokes High-Elbow Free – 4 strokes Overhand Free). Start each length with 3 streamlined body dolphins.

MAIN SET #1: 500
4 X 50 kick with a board, done as 25 BR kick and 25 flutter kick. As you execute the turn, try to point the toes and place one foot slightly over the other to further reduce drag as you pull up your legs.

300 Free with pull buoy — breathing +1. E.g., if you normally breathe every stroke, breathe every 3 strokes. If you normally breathe every 3 strokes, breathe every 4, etc.

MAIN SET #2: 600
4 X 50, swum as 25 Breast/25 Free. Put it all together on this one when you do the turns. Be in the layout position as you touch the wall, point the toes and overlap the feet as you get into a tight ball, fall straight back, sneak the turning hand just past your ear.

4 X 100 Free with fins. Fastest lane went on 1:45. Next lane went on 2:00. Third lane went on 2:15. Take 4 dolphins off the wall on the first length, 3 dolphins off the wall on the second length, 2 dolphins on the third length, 1 dolphin on the final length. Descend your time on each 100.

100 EZ recovery.

4 X 25 FAST Free on :40
Odds: Swim with a high elbow
Evens: Swim with a straight-arm recovery
Just experiment.


Total Yardage: 2300