10/20/04 20-Yard-Pool Practice Equipment

WARMUP: 1000
With fins.
Alternate 40 Body Dolphin (Head Lead and Hand Lead)/40 Flutter Kick on Back/120 Free with 3 body dolphins off every wall for 1000 yards

With swim tether:
Kick breaststroke kick against the cord for 50 kicks, then do a turn and swim fast back to the wall with the assist. Ten bobs recovery. Repeat 4 more times. I did some of the kicking as head lead and some as hand lead, focusing on getting my hips up and over on each kick.

With kickboard and pull buoy:
6 X 80 kick, with 10 Rocket Launchers before each 80.
Odd 80s: breast kick with a board, focus on hips up and over
Evens: breast kick on your back with pull buoy between legs

With pull buoy and paddles, do a 200, alternating 20 free and 20 breast sculling

With pull buoy and NO paddles, do a 400, alternating 20 free and 20 breast (kick breast, but with pull buoy between legs). Focus on pulling hands all the way to the chest on the insweep, then shooting them over the water for the extension.

With fins.
200 of different patterns of body dolphin breast
200 EZ freestyle

Total Yardage: 3000