10/28/04 CCB Masters Post BoSox Practice

The CCB Masters are in the heart of BoSox territory, so it was a late night last night for everyone. Maybe that’s why only THREE swimmers showed up this morning! One of them did the following practice. The other two did a T-15, then we all did the 25s together at the end.

400 your choice, on your own.

MAIN SET: 1400 + 200 EZ
400 IM on 8:00
400 IM with fins on 8:00
200 IM on 4:00
200 IM with fins on 4:00
100 IM on 2:00
100 IM with fins
The goal for this set was to find your groove on each new stroke as quickly as possible. If you search for RHYTHM each time you switch strokes, you tend not to focus on how TIRED you are.

200 EZ

Swim 16 X 25 with fins on approx. :40 sendoff (I gave a lot of stroke suggestions after each 25, so the sendoff was sometimes :45 or more.)
1st 4 X 25: Hand-Lead Body Dolphin on your back. On each 25, start easy and BUILD to full speed by the end of the length.

2nd 4 X 25: 2L/2R/2 whole-stroke Backsktroke. Focus on showing both shoulders on the drill AND on the whole stroke.

3rd 4 X 25: Body-Dolphin Breast. Focus on clearing the water with your hands on recovery.

4th 4 X 25: Freestyle
Odds: Build
Evens: Start with 2-cycle burst, then EZ to the end

100 EZ

Total Yardage: 2500