04/08/03 CCB Masters Building Speed and Stroke Rate

04/08/03 CCB Masters practice. We’ve been working on stroke counting and trying to develop a stroke-count “range” in our freestyle, but we haven’t worked much on building speed and a higher turnover (stroke rate). This practice lets you experiment with a higher rate for brief intervals, with lots of recovery and drill laps in between. We didn’t worry about counting strokes today. The assignment was just to GO FAST on certain laps, and not worry about how many strokes you were taking. Just let the stroke flow and get a fast turnover going.

5 minutes swim on your own

Do this set with fistgloves if you have them.
Take 3 or 4 bobs as recovery between each of the following 25s freestyle:
3 X 25 focus on hiding your head
3 X 25 focus on piercing the water with your entry hand
3 X 25 focus on reaching full extension on each stroke
3 X 25 focus on anchoring the hand
3 X 25 focus on swimming downhill
3 X 25 first one fast/2nd one faster/ 3rd one fastest

MAIN SET: 1,250/ 1,000
Swim 5 times through the following set. The first two times are with fistgloves. Last three times are without fistgloves. Our fastest lane went on a 1:00 sendoff for the 50s; :30 sendoff for the 25s. Middle lane went on 1:10 for the 50s; :35 for the 25s. Slower lane went on 1:30; :45. (Middle and slower lanes did 4 of the following set.)

1 X 75 drill (25 Head-Lead Side to Side + 25 6-Count Backstroke + 25 4-Count Backstroke)
2 X 50 2nd 50 should be faster than 1st 50
3 X 25 1st 25 fast/ 2nd 25 faster/ 3rd 25 FASTEST

100 EZ drill/swim

Total Yardage: 1800/ 1550, not including warmup