11/07/04 Breaststroke Kick Practice

This year, in the ramp-up to Zones in early December, I’m going back to my roots a bit by doing a lot more kicking than I did in previous seasons. Trying something new by trying old (when I was an age-group swimmer, I used to kick for a huge percentage of workout).

WARMUP: 1200 + 100
With fins for the first 1200. Swim three rounds of the following with no stopping:
50 Fly drill
50 Backstroke drill
50 Breaststroke drill
100 Freestyle

Start with head-lead drills and then make the drills more complex on each round.

100 EZ breaststroke kick to get legs ready for the next set.

KICK SET: 1200
6 X 50 Breast kick with a board on 1:30 sendoff, with 7 Rocket Launchers before each 50. Descend time. (Times went from :53 to :46.)

100 EZ Free/Back

6 X 50 Breast kick same as above. Descend time. (Times were :53…:51…:48…:46…:44…:43.)

100 EZ Free/Back

6 X 50 with a pull buoy, done as 25 Hand-Lead Breast Kick on Your Back + 25 “normal” Breaststroke but with the pull buoy still between legs. Focus on getting hands completely extended before the start of the kick. Do 7 Rocket Launchers before each 50. Don’t worry about times or sendoffs. Just go fast on all the “swims.”

100 EZ Free/Back

Total Yardage: 2500