11/11/04 IM and Breaststroke Kick Practice

Here’s the workout I did this morning at the gorgeous pool at my hometown high school in Wooster, OH. Nothing like a great facility to inspire you to swim.

With fins:
100 Fly drills + 100 Back drills + 100 Breast drills + 100 Free

Without fins: 50 EZ Breast kick on back.

MAIN SET: 1400 + approx. 1200 breast kick
Set up a swim tether (but don’t strap into it yet) so that you don’t waste time with setup after the 400 IMS.

400 IM without fins on 8:00 (went 6:18)
400 IM with fins on 8:00 (went 5:53)

Put on the tether belt. Push off and do 20 Breast kicks with hands at sides, then go immediately into 30 Breast kicks with hands extended in front of you but not pulling, then swim Breast to the wall, do a turn, and swim all-out Breast back to the starting point, assisted by the tether. Focus on all of this is to pull the hips forward and get the hips up and over on each kick.

Repeat the above tethered 50.

200 IM without fins on 4:00 sendoff (went 3:02)
200 IM witn fins on 4:00 sendoff (went 2:48)

Put on the tether and repeat the above 2 X 50s.

100 IM without fins on 2:00 sendoff (went 1:28)
100 IM with fins on 2:00 sendoff (went 1:20)

Put on the tether and repeat the above 2 X 50s.


Total Yardage: Approx. 3200