04/10/03 CCB Masters 8 X 100 with Active Recovery

04/10/03 CCB Masters practice.

5 minutes swim on your own.

With flippers.
20 X 25 on ~ :45 sendoff. Start each 25 with 3 strokes butterfly (and try not to breathe on the first stroke), then switch to freestyle for the rest of the 25.

MAIN SET: 1000
8 X 100 freestyle with active recovery
After each 100, pause briefly to get your time, then push off on your back and do a 25 of REALLY EZ recovery (breaststroke kick or flutter kick or easy backstroke). As soon as you complete the EZ 25, look at the pace clock and when the second hand reaches the next :05, push off again for another 100 freestyle. Try to descend your times throughout the set.

This is a great set if you are training for a triathlon swim of 500 yards up to a mile. It’s a continuous swim, but on the 100s you are swimming at faster than race pace. You could gradually increase this set until you are swimming 10 X 100, 15 X 100, 20 X 100, 15 X 100 in preparation for a longer race. Ironmen could do the set as 10 X 200 or 15 X 200.

With flippers.
8 X 25 freestyle with dolphin kick rather than flutter kick. Take 4 bobs as recovery between 25s.

With flippers.
8 X 25
Odds: FAST freestyle with flutter kick. Go as fast as you can.
Evens: EZ recovery

100 EZ swim

Total Yardage: 2000, not including warmup