04/15/03 CCB Masters 10 X 100 at T-15 pace minus :05-:10

04/15/03 CCB Masters. This is a good pre-season triathlon practice. The idea is to hold a pace that is 5 to 10 seconds faster than your average 100 pace for a 15 minute timed swim (T-15). This helps to build speed and endurance for a triathlon swim of any distance.

Swim for 5 minutes on your own.

Wear fistgloves all these drill sets (except final 4 X 25).

8 X 50 with 4 bobs between each 50 as recovery
Odds: 25 Triple-Switch Backstroke + 25 Backstroke
Evens: 25 Triple-Switch Freestyle + 25 Freestyle

4 X 25 freestyle at a brisk pace. Count strokes and use your average as your “N.”

2 X (8 X 25)
1st 25 is at N-5
2nd 25 is at N-4
3rd 25 is at N-3
4th 25 is at N-2
5th 25 is at N-1
6th 25 is at N
7th 25 is at N+1
8th 25 is at N+2

The N-5 laps will be mostly kicking. Force yourself to stretch out and find your balance by leaning in. Then, MAKE YOURSELF take the extra strokes on N+1 and N+2.

8 X 25 FAST freestyle on :45 sendoff
1st 4 X 25 are with gloves
2nd 4 X 25 are without gloves
Don’t worry about your stroke count on these fast 25s. Just GO FAST!

100 EZ recovery

MAIN SET: 1000
10/6 X 100 freestyle at a pace that is 5 to 10 seconds faster than your average 100 pace for a 15-minute timed swim. Take at least 30 seconds rest between 100s. Our fastest lane went on a 2:00 sendoff. Other lanes went on 2:15, 2:15, and even 3:00 sendoff. To give you an idea of how well we did on the assignment… we had 12 swimmers with T-15 times do this set. Of those 12, two swam this set at their actual T-15 pace. Three swam the set at T-15 minus :05. Three swam the set at T-15 minus :08. Two were at T-15 minus :10. One was at T-15 minus :15. And one was at T-15 minus an incredible :52 (her T-15 average pace was 3:00 per 100, and she swam this set at 2:08).

350 EZ swimdown

Total Yardage: 2500/2100