Best iPhone Waterproof Case

If you’re planning on filming your swimmers, which should be a standard part of your athlete instruction, the BEST case for your iPhone is the Hitcase!  There is also a special package deal for GoSwim friends.  This includes the case for the iPhone 5, plus the longest pole to accommodate every possible pool design.

goswimhitcaseJust because a case is waterproof, doesn’t mean it’s going to be able to film your swimmers in an effective way.  Cases that are simply waterproof have too narrow field of vision, which makes it incredibly difficult to film unless you’re IN the water and seeing what you’re filming.

For a regular, daily filming, the Hitcase, has a wide angle lens, which allows consistent filming while just walking down the deck.

Combine this with the ability to use GoSwim’s newest feature, Deckshots, and you can quickly and safely share videos of your swimmers, with your swimmers.  They can watch them on their phone, computer, or tablet anytime they want.

Check out the sample video which ALL clips were shot with the iPhone while the coach was walking down the deck… staying dry!