Go Swim Breaststroke Drills

Breaststroke drills like you’ve never seen them before!

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With extraordinary underwater and above-water footage, this DVD presents 24 drills that will help you master the fundamentals of fast breaststroke.

* The drills are demonstrated by Olympic Gold Medalist Staciana Stitts and NCAA Champion Dave Denniston.
* The drills are organized to help you work on several key focus points for breaststroke — the same focus points covered in Go Swim’s other DVDs on breaststroke.
* You’ll begin with drills to help you improve body alignment, balance, streamline, timing, and flow.
* You’ll then learn drills to help build a more powerful KICK
* Followed by drills that will help you generate power with your HIPS
* Followed by drills that teach "fast hands" and how to hold on to the water for
a more effective PULL.
* Each drill is illustrated from multiple angles — side, head-on, overhead, and behind — and from above and below the surface.
* Slow-motion and free-frame footage allows you to zoom in on key moves and really SEE how to do them.
* Clear instructions explain how and WHY to do each drill.

GO SWIM BREASTSTROKE DRILLS was written, filmed, and produced by the team of GLENN MILLS, a member of the 1980 Olympic Swim Team, and BARBARA HUMMEL, veteran of two Olympic Trials and currently a coach and World Top-Ten Masters swimmer.

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