All Strokes – Unique Facility

Heading out for a year, visiting teams, we’re excited to start our year with our old friends at Navy.  Coming home, in a way, brought back some good memories about this unique facility, and will spur unique applications of practice.

Why do it:
Finding out what’s unique about your pool, and creating drills, or sets that no one else can do just like you can, will add that bit of signature training to your team.

How to do it:
This was a favorite breaststroke set based solely for this pool.
1 – Dive in for a 25 breaststroke, short course meters.
2 – When you get to the bulkhead, climb out and run and dive to the diving well (make sure the divers aren’t training at the time).
3 – You get ONE underwater pullout to the other side… no more.
4 – Climb out and do 10 push-ups.
5 – Touch the wall, dive back in for ONE underwater pullout.
6 – Climb over the bulkhead for one last length of breaststroke.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
While this looks fun, it incorporated some unique things based on this facility and the needs of the athletes.  Each swim starts from out of the pool, requiring four climb outs for each swim.  The single underwater pull in the diving well is a challenging distance, requiring the athlete learns on his own.  The push-ups give it that “academy” feel, making sure the athletes feel at home.  Then learn the underwater pull again, and then sprint to home.

To really make this a “fun” set… always remember… one is fun… which means 10 on 1:30 are REALLY REALLY FUN!

What makes YOUR facility unique?