04/22/03 – Playing with Cadence again

I needed to just swim this morning, kinda get going, and keep going. Lots to do today, so no time to fool around.

600 warm-up
200 free – 200 kick – 200 pull

6 x 150 Pull 0n 2:10
1 – 100 free, 50 breast
2 – 50 free, 50 breast, 50 free
3 – 50 breast, 100 free

This allowed me to be a little fresher for my breast pulls, and allowed me to play with the width of my pull with the large paddles on.

450 kick in which I alternated 50 breast with board, 50 flutter, and 50 underwater breast kick. One fun thing to try when doing the underwater breast kick, is to give a good push off the wall, and staying in the streamline position, initiate the kick. At higher speeds off the wall, you’ll see the resistance created during the recovery of the legs and hopefully, this will help you reduce that resistance.

4 x 200 free working on Cadence @ 3:00
I put the Tempo Trainer in my cap, and started on the 200’s free.
#1 the TT was set @ 1:07 (which means a stroke every 1 and 7 one hundreth seconds… pretty simple) Time 2:30
#2 the TT was set @ 1:10 – Time 2:30
#3 the TT was set @ 1:14 – Time 2:30
#4 the TT was set @ 1:17 – Time 2:31

The last one was off just a bit simply because of lost focus, not because it was too hard. What I did realize though, is that at really LONG strokes, and a slow stroke rate, it’s not much harder when you’re really into the flow, but your line really isn’t as true. Spending so much time trying to stretch out in front, actually allows more bad things to start happening. I started drifting from side to side, running into the lane line with more frequency, and it just felt too loping. I think somewhere in the middle of the pack… probably about 1:13 or so, is the cadence that I can swim forever without getting tired, plus staying at a reasonable pace.

This search is fun and I think you should all join me and purchase a Tempo Trainer. 🙂

Here’s the link just in case you’re interested: