Why GoSwim Premium

For nearly 16 years, GoSwim has provided a mix of free, and for pay content to the swimming community.  In that time, the world has changed dramatically, no more so than online media.

About five years ago, GoSwim transitioned from a DVD producer, to the online subscription platform.  Being one of the first in this field, we’ve certainly learned a lot, and have continued to develop a mix of pay and free content. While doing so, it’s incredibly important that people understand that the exclusive content featuring our elite, Olympian athletes, is how we continue to provide the free content to the community.

After five years and well over 100 million video views later, it’s interesting that so many others are understanding this model, and it’s becoming a more accepted norm.

As always, we appreciate your support, and… GoSwim! You can get a PRO or COACH account here 😉


IN 2009, DAVID Pakman started “The David Pakman Show” on YouTube to talk progressive politics. Over the years, his audience grew, as did his earnings. Today he has about 365,000 followers who watch enough ads to fund his show.

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