GoSwim Stroke Evaluation

The best way for a swimmer to know what’s going on with their stroke is to SEE it.

GoSwim has been performing video evaluations for years, and is the global leader in athlete feedback.  We have performed more than 10,000 video evaluations, and have learned what to say to swimmers that support the work their home coaches are doing.  We have created our Team Evaluation Partnership Program, in which we work directly with teams to film, upload, and perform evaluations that will help all teams create a coordinated and supportive message for swimmers of all levels.  If you’re interested in how your team can take part in this process, please send us an email.

Our years of study and production of the leading swimming technique videos, has helped us to determine the MOST important facets in all four strokes, turns, and starts, so that we give sound advice and detailed video feedback to athletes.  To see a sample of what you’ll receive, click this link.

GoSwim is the world’s most watched swim technique video series, playing over 100 million videos through various social and for pay sites.  We work with coaches and swimmers all over the world, and share new content daily.  Our premium content features over 50 Olympic athletes, and our teaching content starts with age-group beginners as young as 7 years old.

Created by US Olympian Glenn Mills (Cincinnati Marlin, U of Alabama NCAA Champion), and Masters Record Holder Barbara Hummel, GoSwim has been sharing technique videos through DVDs and only for over 16 years.  You can see more of GoSwim’s content by signing up for a free account, or to check out our social channels.


For more information about how your team can get involved with GoSwim Evaluations, please email us here.  If you would like to personally sign up for an evaluation, please follow this link to get started.  Please note, that if you’re not nearby one of our coaches, you can film the video yourself and upload to us.  We will provide you with instructions.