04/24/03 CCB Masters Dizzy Stuff to Get You Rotating

04/24/03 CCB Masters practice.

We’re still doing T-15s this week, so I needed to design another practice with short sets so swimmers could drop in and out to do their timed swims. I wanted to get in my own T-15 this morning, so I did it 45 minutes before regular practice started. I did a 500 easy warmup, then the swim. I went 950 yards this time (versus 930 yards a month ago), so I felt good about that. It averages to a 1:35 pace per 100. My goal is 1000 yards in 15 minutes, but that will take some work! To give you an idea of the yardage that some of our swimmers are able to achieve, last month we had about 25 people do the T-15. The most yardage swum was 1125; the low end was 500. We had 5 swimmers at 1000 yards or more, 3 swimmers between 900 and 1000, 4 swimmers between 800 and 900, and 4 swimmers between 600 and 800.

Swim for 5 minutes on your own.

The focus during the entire main set is ROTATION and STAYING LONG. When you swim freestyle breathing EVERY stroke (to each side), you’ll find that you need to keep your lead arm extended as you breathe, and that you need to rotate fully and QUICKLY to air on each side. When you get to the second segment of the main set, you will be doing a lot of combo swimming (alternating free and back). On the 2/1 combos, focus on keeping your lead arm extended as you rotate from your front to your back, and from back to front. Again, you will need to rotate fully and quickly when you do the combos. You may get a little dizzy but you’ll look sleek and streamlined!

Swim 5 rounds of the following:
25 Hand-Lead Nose Up/Nose Down (left arm extended) + 25 Freestyle breathing to the right
25 Hand-Lead Nose Up/Nose Down (right arm extended) + 25 Freestyle breathing to the left
2 X (25 Freestyle breathing every 3rd stroke + 25 Freestyle breathing EVERY stroke)
1 X 25 FAST freestyle
1 X 25 REALLY FAST freestyle

Swim 2 rounds of the following:
25 4/3 combo (alternate 4 strokes back/3 strokes free) + 25 backstroke
25 4/3 combo + 25 freestyle
25 2/1 combo (alternate 2 strokes back/1 stroke free) + 25 backstroke
25 1/2 combo (alternate 1 stroke back/2 strokes free) + 25 free
2 X 25 FAST freestyle

100 EZ swim

Total Yardage: 1850, not including warmup