SOTW Underwater Dolphin Kick

WARMUP:  400 (or 10 minutes) on your own

8 X 25 with fins; no sendoff; allow time for coach to give feedback after butterfly 25s
Odds:  Butterfly with only 1 kick per arm stroke (kick when the hands enter); focus on initiating the kick from the torso rather than from the knees
Evens:  Easy freestyle

8 X 50 on a sendoff that gives 12-13 seconds rest after the first 50
#1:  25 breast kick on your back + 25 breaststroke
#2:  25 kick on your back, alternating 1 breast kick/1 dolphin kick + 25 breast
#3:  25 kick on your back, alternating 1 breast kick/2 dolphin kicks + 25 breast
#4:  Etc., adding 1 dolphin kick to the pattern on each 50
The idea is that you’re adding more dolphin kicks, but still trying to hold your original sendoff.

16 X 25 with fins on sendoff that gives approx. 20 seconds rest
#1-4:  Start with a comfortable number of underwater dolphin kicks, then finish the length with freestyle.  Count the number of dolphin kicks and freestyle “hand hits” per length.  Add these two numbers and determine your Average Number.
#5:  Add one underwater dolphin, but adjust your freestyle so that your Average Number is the same as before.
#6:  Add another UW dolphin, but hold your Average Number.
#7+:  Continue to add one UW dolphin per length until your dolphins take you to the 15m mark.  Then start over with your original number of UW dolphins and freestyle strokes.

Do a backstroke version of the previous set!  OK to use fins, or go without.

12 X 25 with Tempo Trainer (fins are OK)
Goal:  Experiment with different cadences for your underwater dolphins leading into a length of freestyle.  Time each length, and try to heighten your awareness for when your dolphin cadence is optimal.
#1:  Start with Tempo Trainer in Mode 1 and with a cadence that feels slow (in the range of 1 second to 1.15 seconds per “beep”).  Take a set number of UW dolphin kicks, kicking to the beep, then finish the length with freestyle, swimming to the beep.
#2:  Increase the cadence by :05 (if you were at 1 second, you’re now at .95).
#3-6:  Continue to increase the cadence by :05 on each 25.
#7-12:  Start over at your original cadence and repeat the set.

WARM DOWN:  100-200 easy