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SOTW Breaststroke Focus Points

WARMUP:  400 (or 10 minutes) on your own

WARMUP SET:  100-150
4 to 6 lengths easy breaststroke kick

MAIN SET:  1500-2500
Swim three to five rounds of the following set.  Focus on just ONE thing per round (see below).  Use generous sendoffs so that Coach can give feedback.  And, coaches, look for just ONE thing per round.

4 X 25 on :45; working the appropriate focus point

3 X 50 breaststroke with minimal pull, working the focus point

2 X 75 free/breast/free; work the focus point on the breaststroke lengths.  Focus on hiding the head on freestyle.

1 X 100 freestyle; focus = keep the head low and achieve horizontal bodyline

Focus points:
Round #1: Get into breaststroke streamline on each stroke (eyes below elbows)
Round #2:  Find and maintain one alignment for head and neck
Round #3:  Timing!  Get upper body into breaststroke streamline before delivering the kick
Round #4:  Fast hands.  Don’t let the hands get stuck under the chest/chin
Round #5:  Finish each kick and point the toes during “the draw.”