SOTW Freestyle Flip Turns

WARMUP:  400 (or 10 minutes) on your own

Swim twice through the following:
1 X 100
Push off in Position 11 (“Superman”) on top of water and glide past the flags, then BLAST to the far end and
swim back easy.  Repeat for the second 50.
Hop out for 6-10 “flat-back” squats with arms in streamline
2 X “25” 
Swim freestyle to mid pool, execute a mid-pool flip that lands you on your back in streamline, then return to
starting wall by kicking on your back.  Repeat.  (Check out Kara Lynn Joyce’s “Flips, Flips, Flips” at
1 X 50 freestyle
As you flip, be ready to push off as soon as your feet hit the wall.

MAIN SET:  1700
Swim twice through the “grid.”  Choose one column and work down for your sendoffs.
Choice of swim, pull, or kick.  Just make the sendoffs and hit the accent marks.
Start each new round “on the top.”  This will give you a bit of extra recovery time after the final 75 in each round.
Your focus throughout the set is the timing of your flip turns.  Be ready to push off as soon as your feet hit the wall.

1 X 200;               3:00               3:30               4:00               4:30
desc. by

2 X 100;               1:30               1:45               2:00               2:15
desc. within

3 X 75                  1:15               1:25               1:35               1:40
last 25 fast

2 X 75                  1:20               1:30               1:40               1:45
last 50 fast

1 X 75                   —                  —                  —                   —
all lengths fast

WARM DOWN:  100-200 easy