SOTW Butterfly with 2nd-Kick Focus

WARMUP:  400 (or 10 minutes) on your own

8 X 25 dolphin kick on your back with fins
Odds:  Arms in “Position 11” — kick from sternum, not from knees
Evens:  Arms in tight streamline — kick from sternum!

MAIN SET:  1200-1800
Before you swim or coach this set, it’s helpful to watch a drill called “Butterfly — 2nd Kick Focus.”

Three rounds of all the following:
8 X 25 on generous sendoff to allow time for coach/swimmer feedback
*  Start by pushing off on top of the water — no kicking!
*  When you start to slow down, initiate a butterfly pull by pressing in deeply at the chest, then take a powerful dolphin kick as the hands exit.  Kick from sternum, not from knees.
*  As the hands land forward, try NOT to do a dolphin kick.  Simply let the body settle into a horizontal position and glide for a bit.  As you start to slow down, repeat the chest press and pull, with a powerful dolphin kick as the hands exit the water.
*  Repeat until you finish the 25.  You might complete only 3 or 4 stroke cycles.
*  Start as before but, this time, spend just a little bit less time in the horizontal glide phase.  You might add 1 or 2 stroke cycles per length.
*  Start as before, but spend less time in the glide phase.  It’s OK if a second kick starts to appear — as the hands land forward.
*  Regular butterfly (2 kicks per armstroke) — kick from the sternum.

4 X 50 or 4 X 75 or 4 X 100 (depending on age/ability)
Each swim starts with 1 x 25 of butterfly, focusing on 2 kicks per armstroke and kicking from the sternum rather than from the knees.  Finish each swim with freestyle.

The fine points:
Round 1:  Wear fins
Round 2:  Try no fins (or repeat with fins)
Round 3:  Try it with a pull buoy

WARMDOWN:  100-200
Include some vertical butterfly, incorporating a single dolphin kick at the apex of the jump — to propel the arms and torso above the water.