01/06/05 CCB Masters Active Recovery

400 your choice, on your own

MAIN SET: 1500/1200
Swim 3 rounds of the following, with no break between rounds. Beginner swimmers do 75s instead of 100s. Each “swim” is followed IMMEDIATELY by a 25 of easy kicking on your back. The kick is an “active” recovery. So get your time on each of the swims, then without stopping or touching the bottom, push off and do the 25 recovery. After the 25, take no more than 3 to 7 seconds and push off again for your next swim. The set is almost a continuous swim. Try to descend your times throughout the set.

With pull buoy:
2 X (100 free + 25 flutter kick on your back with the pull buoy between legs)
On the swims, use your normal breathing pattern on the 1st length, normal pattern plus +1 on the 2nd length, normal pattern +2 on the 3rd length, and normal pattern +3 on the 4th length. If you are doing flip turns, try to execute the turn while keeping your feet in the water (tight tuck). If you are doing open turns, point the toes as you draw up your legs.

Nekked: 2 X (100 free + 25 breaststroke kick on your back)
On the swims, use any breathing pattern you want, but still do the flips with feet under water.

With fins.
16 X 25 without really stopping between 25s, i.e., the even 25s are an “active” recovery.
Odds: Start with 3 underwater body dolphins, into 3 strokes fly, and finish with three strokes body-dolphin breaststroke. Use the same body rhythm on all three portions of the length.
Evens: Head-lead body dolphin on your back as recovery

100 EZ with fins

Total Yardage: Approx. 2400