Online Education Team Plan

We all know now of the importance of online education, and GoSwim is constantly watching what teams need and doing our best to meet those needs.

For 10 weeks, from March 24 through June 1, GoSwim opened up the entire platform to everyone.  This meant anyone could get access to everything we’ve ever done.  Through this, we developed some ideas on how to better allow that same access for teams anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of online education for your team?
• It is a valid component of time savings and constant communications for your program.
• Knowledge is increased over a long period of time with consistent drips of information.
• With GoSwim’s simple scheduling system, setting up long term sharing can be done with ease.
• With athletes having full access to all the content, they can see associated videos of lessons you share, with no restrictions.
• With GoSwim Deckshots, you’ll be able to film your own swimmers, and share it privately with your swimmers.
• With full access sharing, you can now share links through your own methods, use your newsletter, Facebook, Team Unify page.  As long as the people clicking the link are in your Training Group, the method of sharing is now up to you.

The plans are created to be purchased in bulk by the team. 
The plans start at less than $.04 per day per swimmer.

Write to us at [email protected] for more information or set up a Zoom call to go over all the details.

Here’s a quick example of how to schedule an entire course.