01/13/05 CCB Masters IMs and Freestyle Sculling

400 your choice, on your own

IM SET: 1000
With fins.
Swim 4 rounds of the following:

25 Fly (or 2L/2R Fly), focus on straight-arm recovery and eyes down
50 Back/Breast (body-dolphin breast)
75 Back/Breast/Free
100 IM

300 Freestyle pull with a pull buoy. On the odd lengths, you are lying face down and sculling with the forearms. Scull with both arms simultaneously. Try to stabilize your arms from the shoulder to the elbow. The part that sculls is the forearm. The goal is to maintain a single, STRAIGHT surface from fingertips to elbow. No bending at the wrist. You are trying to isolate the FINISH of your stroke. On the even lenghts, swim freestyle, incorporating the above sculling motion into your stroke. The main goal is to maintain a straight line from fingertips to elbows.

12 X 50 Freestyle @ approximately :20 RI
Odds: Pull freestyle with a pull buoy, focusing on what you learned about the finish of the pull while sculling.
Evens: Swim freestyle, focusing on the finish of the pull.

WARMDOWN: 100 to 200 EZ
100-200 EZ warmdown

Total Yardage: Approx. 2500