04/30/03 – Splitting up 500’s into FUN SETS!

600 Warm-up – my basic way, some kicking, pulling, swimming, warming up.

500 swim on 7:05, long and smooth, and really a continuation of the warm-up
2 x 250 pull on 3:35, put on my pull buoy and paddles and really worked on my length, and how I catch the water out front.
4 x 125 swim on 1:45, working my turns again, and how far I’m going leaving the walls.

500 pull on 7:05, same as above during the pull set, although I was counting strokes, and reduced then added, then reduced… just sorta played with it some.
2 x 250 swim on 3:35, same as above
4 x 125 IM, 50 fly on the 1st, 50 back on the 2nd, 50 breast on the 3rd, 50 free on the last.

Super 500, which is a broken 500 at various places. The team knows how to do this, but I just get confused. So I follow. It’s a mixed of 25’s, 50’s, and 75’s, some of them sprint and some easy. Once I get it down, I’m going to have fun with it, it’s certainly better than ending with a 500 straight!

I continued to another 400 using my fins to do some underwater kicking and swimming a combination drill of slinky movement and breaststroke pull.

total was 4,400