02/07/05 Breaststroke Practice with Only 5 Lengths of “Breaststroke”

I did this practice in a 20-yard pool, but it’s easy to adapt it to a 25-yard pool. The yardage will just be higher. The 5 lengths of “breaststroke” come during the TETHER/DRILL set, when you are doing drill/swim with no equipment. Other than those 5 lengths, you will be doing either breaststroke kick or breaststroke drill or breaststroke with equipment.

My focus today was tightening the glutes each time I pushed off. Also, and as always, I was thinking about pointing my toes as I draw them up on each turn. I learned this from watching Dave Denniston for HOURS AND HOURS on on his two videos, Go Swim Breaststroke and Go Swim Breaststroke Turns & Pullouts. Dave has such incredible turns and FEET. And I try to keep an image of him in my mind whenever I swim. I didn’t learn about Dave Denniston’s sledding accident until after I got home from this practice, but he was in my mind during every length, and on the Rocket Launchers, which are his favorite drill. And he’ll be in my mind on every future length that I swim. Oh, Dave. Send it forward, man.

With fins.
Swim 4 times through the following. First time is head-lead, second time is hand-lead, third time is single-arm, fourth time is 2L/2R. Then swim 120 Freestyle.
40 Fly or dolphin
40 Back or flutter
40 Breast or dolphin

Set up a swim tether.
Swim 3 times through the following (tether and 4 X 50). First time through is with fistgloves, second time is nekked, third time is with paddles.

With the tether, push off and do 30
head-lead breaststroke kicks, followed by 20 hand-lead breaststroke kicks, then swim breaststroke to the wall, turn, and swim assisted breaststroke back to the starting point. Repeat.

Take off the tether and do:
5 X 40, swum as 20 drill/20 breast, with 5 bobs as recovery between 40s.
Change drills on each 40, as follows:
#1: Underwater breast kick
#2: Breast with an Extra Kick
#3: Body-Dolphin Breast
#4: Breast Breathing Every Other Stroke
#5: 3 Sculls and a Pull Breaststroke
And…on the swims, add a stroke on each 40. For example, I did 4 strokes for the swim lengths of the first 40, 5 strokes on the second 40, 6 strokes on the third 40, etc. I tried to have the same stroke-count pattern for fistgloves, nekked, and paddles.

200 EZ using free and back

7 X 40 breaststroke kick with 6 Rocket Launchers before each 40. Use a different body position on each of the 40s, as follows:
#1: Kickboard
#2: On your back with pull buoy
#3: Underwater
#4: Hand-Lead on Your Back
#5: Hand-Lead on Your Stomach
#6: Head-Lead on Your Back
#7: Head-Lead on Your Stomach
On each 40, take as few kicks as you can on the first 20, and take as many kicks as you can on the second 20. You should have a spread of 3 to 5 kicks.

Wear a pull buoy for the entire set.
Swim 5 times through the following. First time through is Fly. Second time is Back. Third time is Breast. Fourth time is Free. Fifth time is Breast.
40 kick
40 scull
40 swim

120 EZ free and back

Total Yardage: 3000