02/08/05 CCB Masters Drill Day

The water was 85-86 this morning, so I figured it would be a good day to do some drills and not get too heated up.

400 your choice, on your own.

FLIP-TURN SET: 400/500
Swim 2 X 150 (fastest swimmers) or 2 X 100 (fast swimmers) freestyle. Swim nice and easy between the flags. When you get to the flags at either end, stop swimming and go into head-lead flutter kick with hands at sides. Do a flip turn at the wall without looking up and WITHOUT USING YOUR HANDS OR ARMS to get around. Push off in streamline and kick flutter till you are past the flags, then resume easy freestyle till the next set of flags. Keep your arms locked to your sides during the somersaults. Get into a tight tuck.

4 X 50, swum as 25 free/25 back. Just before the turn, take a final pull so that both arms are at your sides, and DO NOT USE YOUR HANDS OR ARMS for the somersault. Go directly over and push off in streamline on your back.

MAIN SET: 1000
Do this entire set with fins. Don’t worry about the sendoff. Swim four rounds (20 X 50 total) of the following:
50 single arm (25 using left arm + 25 using right arm)
50 1L/1R
50 2L/2R
50 2L/2R/2 whole stroke
50 Free

Round #1: Butterfly, focus on straight-arm recovery
Round #2: Backstroke, focus on showing BOTH shoulders during rotation
Round #3: Body-Dolphin Breaststroke, focus on not collapsing the wrists
Round #4: Freestyle. For 1L/1R substitute LOONG freestyle. For 2L/2R substitute Single-Switch. For 2L/2R/2WS substitute Triple Switch.

Wear a pull buoy for the entire set. Swim continuously 4 times through the following in IM order:
25 Kick
25 Scull
25 Swim

1 X 100 for time. Your choice of Free or IM. Your choice of equipment or no equipment. This is FAST.


Total Yardage: 2350/2450