03/04/05 400 IMs and a Lotta Breast Kick

I did this practice in a 20-yard pool, but you could easily adapt it to 25 yards.

With fins.
Alternate 40 SA drill and 40 LA drill for 480 yards, then finish with 120 freestyle.

MAIN SET: 2180 (equivalent)
1 X 400 IM with no equipment.

10 X 40 breast kick with 10 Rocket Launchers before each 40. Take as few kicks as possible on the 1st 20; take as many kick as possible on the 2nd 20 of each interval. To vary the stress on my knees, I did each 40 in a different way:
#1: with a kickboard
#2: Head-Lead on Back with Pull Buoy (PB)
#3: Head-Lead on Back
#4: Head-Lead on Stomach
#5: Hand-Lead on Back with PB
#6: Hand-Lead on Back
#7: Hand-Lead on stomach
#8: Underwater on stomach
#9: On Back with Arms Out of the Water
#10: Kickboard again

1 X 400 “IM” with pull buoy. For each stroke, I did 20 scull/20 kick/20 scull/20 kick/20 whole stroke. This 400 uses two recent GoSwim.tv drills: BUTTERFLY – Pull-Buoy Kick and BREASTSTROKE – Pull-Buoy Kicking.

With swim tether:
Push off and do a pulldown, then 30 Head-Lead Breast Kicks, then 30 Hand-Lead Breast Kicks, then turn and swim assisted whole-stroke breast back to the starting point. Repeat.

2 X 40 breaststroke with swim tether.

1 X 400 IM with fins

80 EZ swim

Swim 4 times through the following, nonstop:
20 Underwater breast kick
20 Hand-Lead breast kick on your back
20 Hand-Lead breast kick on your stomach
20 Head-Lead breast kick on your back
20 Head-Lead breast kick on your stomach

80 EZ free/back

Total Yardage: 3260