03/07/05 Over-Distance IM Practice

One of the events I’m training for is the 400 IM, so today I wanted to practice transitions, and also get do some swims in each stroke that were slightly longer than a 100. This is easy in the pool where I swim because it’s 20 yards long and I can do 120s. You could adapt this practice to a 25-yard pool by doing 125s or even 150s instead of the 120s.

With fins.
Alternate 50 SA drill and 50 LA drill for 640 yards, increasing the complexity of the drills as you go.

MAIN SET #1: 1000
7 X 120 on 2:30 sendoff (approx. 30 to 35 seconds rest)
Swim these as:
120 Fly
120 Fly/Back/Fly/Back/Fly/Back
120 Back
120 Back/Breast etc.
120 Breast
120 Breast/Free etc.
120 Free

160 EZ recovery

TETHER SET #1: 480 (equivalent)
If you don’t have a tether, substitute a 500-yard kick set.
With a tether, push off and do a breaststroke pull down, take 30 head-lead breaststroke kicks, then take 30 hand-lead breast kicks, then turn and swim assisted breast back to your starting point. Repeat.

2 X 40 breast with the tether.

MAIN SET #2: 1000
Repeat MAIN SET #1, except do it with fins on and decrease your rest interval by about 15 seconds.

TETHER SET #2: 160
4 X 40 breast with tether, with 10 Rocket Launchers before each 40. If you don’t have a tether, substitute a 200-yard kick set.

WARMDOWN: 200 EZ Free and Back

Total Yardage: 3500