05/23/03 CCB Masters Gloves, Nekked, Paddles, Fins, Drills, Swim

05/23/03 CCB Masters practice

Swim for 5 to 7 minutes on your own.

Many of the CCB Masters are just learning how to do flip turns, so we did a warmup set that would allow them to practice their sommersaults. On the following set, focus on traveling FORWARD as you take the last stroke before each sommersalt. Also focus on getting into as tight a ball as possible as you sommersault STRAIGHT over.
6 X 50 freestyle with about :20 rest between 50s. On the first 25, take 3 or 4 strokes then do a tight sommersault and start swimming immediately. Take 3 or 4 more strokes and do another sommersault. Then do a flip turn at the wall. The second 25 is freestyle (no sommersaults).

MAIN SET: 1800
Swim three times through the following set. First round is with fistgloves. Second round is with nekked hands. Third round is with paddles. Wear fins on ALL rounds, but take them OFF each time you get to the backstroke intervals. Rest interval should be approximately 20 seconds after each 100, 15 seconds after each 50, and 10 seconds after each 25.

4 X 100 swum as:
25 Triple-Switch Freestyle
25 Freestyle breathe every 3 strokes
25 Single-Switch Freestyle
25 Freestyle breathe as you normally do.
2 X 50 backstroke
4 X 25 backstroke

At least 100 EZ on your own.

Total Yardage: 2200, not including warmup.